Your Senior Pastors:
      Revs. Jan & Phil Enloe
   Each Sunday morning we invite the Holy Spirit to minister to us as only He can.  The Holy Spirit is just as much God as the Father and the Son and He is God's presence in the world today.  He leads us into all truth and makes all things new.  The perfect God works through imperfect people and we are honored to have the Lord grace us with His presence each time the Church of Jesus Christ comes together to Worship, Praise and hear a Word from God.  I trust each message you listen to will bless you and draw you even closer to Christ.  We believe the Lord's church is not the building, but He inhabits the praises of His people when ever and where ever we gather in His name.  If you would like to listen to previous messages just "CLICK" on them below.  Be blessed!

We would be honored to have you visit Harvest Chapel if you are ever in the area.
Our door is always open and "We'll keep HIS LIGHT on for you!"