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      We invite you to join us weekly on SUNDAY MORNINGS, 8:30 and 10:30 AM for a wonderful spiritual experience.  We also host a SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE that is dedicated to HYMNS SING-A-LONG, TESTAMONIES, SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTS and it is entitled "PSALM 150" directed by Jenny Jones and concluded with a brief  5 minute sermon.  Our mid-week gathering is called "SHARING THE WORD - BIBLE DISCUSSION" from 3 to 4 PM directerd by Sue Mauck. Harvest Chapel is a relatively new church only NINE years old.  On September 1, 2018 we dedicated our NEW CHURCH HOME located at the corner of 101 CORTINA BOULEVARD and CENTER ROAD here in Venice, Florida.  It is only two blocks off Highway 41 / Tamiami Trail. For more information call the church office: 941-786-1482 or Jenny Jones at: 941-223-2817, (or Pastor Phil: 941-391-1160).   The church mailing address is: Harvest Chapel / P.O.Box 555 / Venice, FL 34284.

of the Harvest Chapel Sunday Morning Service at 10:30 AM
(Eastern Time in the United States) and Special Events at 6:00 PM.
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Below you can get to know our "Tenets Of Our Faith" by checking out Our Mission Statement and Our Doctrinal Statement of what we believe and our goal as a congregation.

         Harvest Chapel of Venice is an Interdenominational Church, which means that we adhere to the foundational truths accepted by the traditional and established churches, while not limiting the differing doctrinal positions held by people of other denominational backgrounds that keep us from worshipping together.  There are many opinions and scriptural interpretations that have divided the Church of Jesus Christ for so many years and we welcome all who recognize Jesus as the Son of God, as well as, the Biblical absolutes mentioned below.  We believe, if all the churches would lay aside secondary differences, pray for one another and walk in unity, we would see a harvest of souls like never seen before and America would return to the vision of our fore fathers: ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  We are convinced that all it will take is just ONE VISIT to feel the presence of God and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at Harvest Chapel of Venice.    
        By CLICKING on any of the TABS above you can either find our Meeting Place, view the area MAP on the "DIRECTIONS" tab, listen to any of our current "MESSAGES" by Pastor Phil, (or visit our archive messages) or prayerfully consider our current "PRAYER REQUESTS" (which also mentions our Praise Reports), administered by Deezie Sweet.

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     It is our sincere hope that we will help you to return to the roots of your worship experience at Harvest Chapel Of Venice. Many of us share a rich heritage of Christian tradition and miss the anointed music that stirred our hearts and beckoned our souls to Christ.

     We strive to recapture those days when there was a holy reverence for God.  Our worship time will include Gaither Style Music, Great Hymns of the Church and Inspiring Messages as well as, Special Musical Renderings by Soloists, Duets, Trios, Quartets and Instrumentalists. We present a reverent, yet relaxed atmosphere and we want to get to know you and help you to get to know the Lord better.  

     We hope you will join us each Sunday Morning at Harvest Chapel Of Venice.  Each week Harvest Chapel is gaining more and more quality people whom the Lord is bringing to us.  We are so blest to meet these wonderful people who love God and love the fellowship of the body of Christ! 

Our Mission Statement:
    The commission and purpose of Harvest Chapel of Venice is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Old and New Testament scriptures; to practice and promote the Christian Faith according to the Gospel of the New Testament scriptures; to convert persons to the Christian Faith and to make disciples of men, that the great commission may be fulfilled as according to Mark 16:15. As witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to winning the lost, making disciples and proclaiming the gospel around the world.
Our Doctrinal Statement:
We Believe;
1. All Scriptures are Inspired by God.
2. There is only One True & Living God, the Father.
3. The Deity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
4. Jesus was conceived of a Virgin by the Holy Spirit.
5. All have sinned and are in need of a Savior.
6. Mankind can be Restored to God through Salvation.
7. The Church has a commission to Seek and Save the Lost.
8. Divine Healing and Miracles of Faith.
9. Water Baptism as a Public Confession of Faith and
        Holy Spirit Baptism is receiving Spiritual Power.
10. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
11. There is Only One Way to Heaven, through Jesus Christ.
12. Heaven is prepared for those who receive Jesus as their Savior.

Your Senior Pastors:
  Revs. Phil & Jan Enloe
  With a highly successful evangelistic ministry throughout all 50 of the United States and 48 nations of the world, as well as appearing on 12 Gaither Videos, Reverends Phil & Jan Enloe in 2009 were called to serve southern Florida and establish "Harvest Chapel of Venice".

   It's an interdenominational Community Church where people from many different denominations can enjoy the amazing diversity of God's family of believers.  So, come and enjoy a refreshing morning of Worship and the Word at Harvest Chapel of Venice!

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