After 40 years of evangelism in all fifty of the United States and forty eight nations around the world, including all Christian denominations, Reverends Phil and Jan Enloe settled in southern Florida and felt lead to establish an Interdenominational Community Church where people from many different church backgrounds could enjoy the amazing diversity of God's family of believers and welcome all Christians regardless of age or former church affiliation.
    The reason for the establishing of this interdenominational church was the major change in all Christian churches in general.  Approximately thirty years prior most Church organizations became aware of their aging congregations and the neglect of their appeal to the younger generation.  However, the pendulum of change took an extreme move toward youth and disenfranchised many older members who had established the church, who had built the buildings, who had been faithful and sacrificial supporters.  Rather than striking a balance amid the generation gap, most church leaders began to exclude the worship style of the traditional congregation and replace it with a contemporary style in order to attract younger people.
    The Enloes were very aware of the shift in the church focus and recognized a need to minister to people of all ages while continuing to honor and minister to the founders of the faith.


                         Your Senior Pastors:
      Revs. Jan & Phil Enloe
   Each Sunday morning we invite the Holy Spirit to minister to us as only He can.  The Holy Spirit is just as much God as the Father and the Son and He is God's presence in the world today.  He leads us into all truth and makes all things new.  The perfect God works through imperfect people and we are honored to have the Lord grace us with His presence each time the Church of Jesus Christ comes together to Worship, Praise and hear a Word from God.  I trust each message you listen to will bless you and draw you even closer to Christ.  We believe the Lord's church is not the building, but He inhabits the praises of His people when ever and where ever we gather in His name.

               Harvest Chapel Evangelists:
Revs. Kevin & Donna Jessip
   Kevin and Donna have been on the Evangelist Field for many years.  They represent a vital part of the FIVE FOLD ministry gifts given to the church in Ephesians 4:11-12, "Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service".   

               Harvest Chapel Secretary - Bookkeeper:
Jenny Jones
   Jenny began attending Harvest Chapel years ago along with her husband, Dick.  They both dug into making the church function in so many ways.  Dick organized a church quartet and called them "THE CHAPELAIRES".  Jenny self taught herself to pay organ and piano at the age of three and is an amazing talent.  Dick went on to heaven a few years ago and Jenny became the church secretary adding her skill with bookkeeping and sceretarial experience.  Jenny has been involved in the music ministry since she was twelve years old.  Prior to becoming a member of Harvest Chapel, Jenny worked with three different churches playing the piano and serving in the secretarial position.  Serving the Lord is her life and where she feels the most fulfilment.  Jenny is a treasure the Harvest Chapel.